Since it was founded in 1692, the Township of Irvington, NJ—a township in Essex County—has grown into a unique community that blends the allure of big-city living with the quaintness of charming residential districts. The energetic and innovative leaders of the township such as Mayor Tony Vauss are committed to ensuring that Irvington’s future is as bright as it has ever been.

As the Mayor of Irvington, NJ, Tony Vauss is proud of the Township’s residents, employees, municipal programs, events, and activities that reflect Irvington and embody its commitment to being a clean and safe place to live.

Mayor Tony Vauss and his cabinet work tirelessly to meet the goals that they laid out for the Township, and pride themselves on delivering a customer-friendly environment that is open to feedback and ideas from the community on how the Township can be improved.

As the Mayor, Tony Vauss wants to continue to facilitate strong partnerships between the Township’s residents, visitors, businesses and government. Mayor Vauss wants the Township to be one that truly works together.

Before being elected Mayor of Irvington, NJ, May 13, 2014, Tony Vauss served as the Director in the Township’s Department of Neighborhood Services. With a genuine connection to the community, Mayor Vauss campaigned on the goals of attracting new business to the Township of Irvington, NJ, while simultaneously raising its revenue and overall profile.

One of Mayor Vauss’ latest initiatives was establishing The Irvington Green Team as an advisory committee to the Irvington Township Committee. The purpose of this team is to manage Irvington’s participation in the Sustainable Jersey program, which aims to make New Jersey a cleaner, greener and more energy efficient state.

Mayor Vauss is a caring leader and champion for the Township of Irvington, NJ. He is committed to guiding Irvington through the following initiatives and goals:

  • Fighting for Public Education
  • Confronting the Affordable Housing Crisis
  • Protecting the Vulnerable
  • Promoting Business Growth and a Skilled Township
  • Helping to expanding Access to Quality, Affordable Healthcare
  • Embracing Irvington’s Diversity
  • Fighting for Irvington’s Fair Share

For more information about Township of Irvington, NJ, Mayor Tony Vauss, visit and If you’d like to reach the main operator for the Township of Irvington, NJ, call 973-399-8111. The Municipal Building for the Township of Irvington, NJ, is located at 1 Civic Square, Irvington, NJ, 07111.